Case Studies/Studies

Penn State Health Tests Novel, Nonsurgical Therapy for Common Form of Bladder Cancer

Patients with a noninvasive, low-grade form of bladder cancer often need multiple surgeries to treat recurrences, which are common. A new chemoablative gel currently under study at Penn State Health may eliminate the need for those procedures.

Expanding the Role of Patients in Setting Research Priorities

Studies point to a frequent disconnect between the priorities of clinical investigators and patient and physician end users. Engaging patients and other stakeholders in research prioritization can enhance study relevance and may even shorten the time it takes to bring scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside.

Innovative Treatment Reduces Risk of Painful Morbidities for Some Breast Cancer Patients

Results from the Z0011 clinical trial conducted by the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACSOG) show strong evidence that the number of lymph nodes removed from women with clinical T1-T2 invasive breast cancer does not correlate with improved survival — opening the door to a less invasive procedure and a reduced risk of painful morbidities.